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In addition to our top-notch studios and support facilities, we’re also your trusted partner for equipment rentals. Our comprehensive rental services include a range of high-quality Canon cameras, lighting, and audio gear.

Cameras: Whether you need the latest Canon digital cinema cameras or versatile models, we’ve got you covered. Our camera rental inventory features Canon’s finest, including the Canon C500 Mark II, renowned for its exceptional performance and capabilities.

Lighting: Achieving the perfect lighting setup is essential for any production. Explore our extensive range of lighting equipment, with a focus on top-quality fixtures primarily from Aputure.

Audio Gear: Crisp, clear sound is critical for any production. Discover our selection of audio equipment, including the industry-standard Sennheiser MK416 microphone paired with Sound Devices gear, ensuring your project’s audio quality meets professional standards.

Production Gear: Beyond cameras, lighting, and audio gear, we offer a selection of essential production gear, including tripods, gimbals, and more. It’s all part of our commitment to being your one-stop production resource.

With our equipment rentals, you gain access to the tools that professionals rely on to bring their visions to life. We’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality gear to create exceptional content. Let’s equip your project for success, one rental at a time.”




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