Welcome to Atomic! Whether you’re into filmmaking, photography, or content creation, our studios in Podgorica are your creative playground. Modern equipment, versatile spaces, and a friendly team ensures your ideas become reality. Explore our facilities, from spacious sound stages to intimate podcast studios, and step into a world of limitless creative possibilities. Book your space now!


Meet our main studio, Atom. It’s the core of our facility, designed as a soundproof space that caters to a diverse range of uses, from film and television projects to commercials, music videos, events, and fashion shoots.

Floor 205 Square meters
Cyc Wall 15m x 4m x 4m
Power 32Kwh max power, split into three phases
Access 3m Rolling door


Presenting Proton, our versatile mid-sized studio. This multipurpose space is ideal for a wide range of projects, from smaller-scale video production to piece-to-camera work, training videos, animation, and product photography. Proton offers affordability without compromising quality.


Meet Quark, our specialized podcast studio and versatile sound booth. Designed for podcasting, voiceovers, and pristine sound recording, Quark offers flexibility for various audio projects.


At ATOMIC, we understand the importance of every aspect of your production. That’s why we offer not only exceptional studios but also dedicated spaces to support your talent and crew.

Green Room: Our comfortable and well-equipped green room is designed as a haven for your talent and team. It’s a space where you can relax, prepare, and unwind between takes. Stocked with amenities to keep everyone comfortable, it’s the perfect retreat for actors and crew alike.

Makeup/Wardrobe Room: Transform your talent into characters with ease in our dedicated makeup and wardrobe room. Here, skilled professionals can work their magic, ensuring that your actors look their best on camera. With ample space and all the tools you need, it’s a convenient and efficient setup for seamless costume changes and makeup touch-ups.

Our facilities are thoughtfully designed to enhance your production experience, providing the essential support needed for a successful shoot. We’re here to make your project run smoothly, from start to finish. Let’s bring your vision to life, one detail at a time.”


We are passionate about every aspect of film and video, guiding you from initial concept to the final product. Whether you need end-to-end production...


In addition to our top-notch studios and support facilities, we're also your trusted partner for equipment rentals. Our comprehensive rental services include a range...

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At Atomic, we understand the importance of having a dedicated partner to bring your creative vision to life. With our extensive range of services,...